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Thread: Connecting my Canon ZR950 to Final Cut Express/iMovie

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    Connecting my Canon ZR950 to Final Cut Express/iMovie
    I have a Canon ZR950 and am trying to upload some footage to edit into Final Cut Express. I have tried every single DV option in the Easy Setup Panel and have read just about every thread on the topic and still nothing. Every time I try to "Capture" footage, I get a message that says "It is unable to initialize HDV deck. Please make sure a deck is connected and try again."

    If anyone knows what to do to fix my problem or knows a website that can help, I would really be appreciative. Thank you!

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    Can you see that the camera is connected by running System Profiler? I believe that camera is firewire so look under the Firewire entry in System Profiler.

    Have you placed the camera setting into video playback mode?
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