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Thread: Issues with Cannon SD Card

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    Issues with Cannon SD Card
    My buddy has a Cannon Vixia HF S10. He has some video that he wants me to edit etc. I tried putting the SD card in the slot on the side of the computer. The computer shows the still pictures, but will not show the video. Do I need his entire camera and cables to view the video. I have seemingly tried everything with the SD card. If this camera isn't compatible with MAC...why?

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    Do you know if the Vixia is storing the video as an AVI or something else? If something else, you might have to import the video?


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    The HFS10 stores in AVCHD. Assuming you have a more modern Mac with iMovie 08 or 09 - You will need to just launch iMovie and import the footage. You *may* have to remove the DCIM folder from the SD card prior to importing if it's not recognizing the existence of the footage.

    DO NO attempt to import the individual mts files that are within the AVCHD hierarchy, it won't work.
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