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Thread: Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer problem!!! help!

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    Unhappy Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer problem!!! help!

    I recently bought a SONY HXR NX5U HD camera and its been great. Im using the 128 gb flash drive sold seperately...

    Usually when I log and transfer, the clips come up instantly. Today however, Nothing is showing up... Ive tried rebooting the computer, and the program many times still nothing.

    I then tried clicking "add folder" at the top left part of the screen. That brings up my finder, and I can see the Drive. I click the drive and click open. This message pops up

    ""D-PITTY CAM" contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media."

    Whyyyy is this happening?? Its never happened before... I shot a wedding today and am supposed to have it edited by next week!!!

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    What's in the D-PITTY CAM folder? does it just have the appropriate Private folder, or are there other things in there as well?
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    yeah, you might need to access another folder (or a set of folders) deeper within the file path.

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