Today I used my Vixia for the first time. I spent about an hour reviewing the instructions and trying to become familiar with it. I haven't used a camcorder in many years. I'm sure glad it has the internal hd because I forgot to buy a card for it. My first video was of some of my dogs running and playing. Then, I got everything connected and iMovie going but it did not recognize the device. Then I saw that on the Vixia I had to indicate "PC" on its screen with the joystick. After that all went well.

I was really tickled that iMovie was so easy to use for someone who had never even opened it. I looked at a couple of tutorials and went from there. It is pretty much dummy proof. I can't believe you can crop videos! I'm using iMovie 08 and do not know if I will upgrade it.

I think this camcorder will suit me fine with what I am doing. Since I am a beginner I don't have much to compare it with. I liked the video quality and ease of operation. One of the main complaints I have read is being able to hear (slightly) the inner workings of the camcorder on playback. If there is no outside noise you can indeed hear it. I read to plug in an external microphone and that would solve the problem. I'll see what happens on my second video.

One question--can you email an iMovie video to someone who does PC or do I have to do a utube thing?

Thanks for the posters that helped me!