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    idvd multiplexing error
    I have burned a lot of movies in idvd that I have made in imovie,so I feel I know how to do it. The last few times I have gotten a multiplexing error at the very end.The movies are about an hour and a half,same as I always make, they go thru all the bullets get to last bullet burn,it says multiplexing & burning, has a picture of a disc on the right & with just a few minutes to go the multiplexing error comes up & all is lost!!
    If anyone has any suggestions I sure would appreciate it!

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    In my experience, this generally happens when the boot drive is starting to get full.

    Though they don't mention this ANYWHERE, iDVD and other such dvd-burning programs need a HUGE amount of free space in order to operate properly. As a rule of thumb if you're going to be burning DVDs you should have at least 12GB (yes, three times what the DVD can hold!) available before starting. In the case of iDVD I'd be even more generous and allow 15-20GB.

    By coincidence (not), I generally recommend keeping 12-20GB free at all times even if you're not burning DVDs.

    If your drive is not full, here's another suggestion: uncheck "put drives to sleep when possible" and all other energy-saving measures in Energy Saver (system preferences) when multiplexing a DVD.

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