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    Motion to website?
    Hey guys,

    I was curious to see if anyone could help me with an issue with Apple Motion. I have created a .mov file from motion. Its basically a lil movie that i''d like to display on my website. The file itself ended up being roughly 900 MB lol and obviously hundreds of frames.

    I'd like it to roughly be about a 2 inch by 4 inch rectangle in a specific spot on my site.

    Any suggestions on what type of file to convert it to, how, and obviously how to shrink the size as I can't have a 900 MB file on my splash page.

    Thanks for the help!

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    The description, "lil movie" tells us nothing about the length. If your "lil movie" is a 2 hour feature than 900MB would be a tight compression. If it is a 30 second promo, than 900MB is grossly large for your purpose.

    Don't think of web sites in inches or centimeters. Usually people work in points or pixels. Your movie will take up a percentage of your page. Also, displays have different pixel densities, so your movie may be a bit smaller or larger one some elses display.

    Figure out the size you want in pixels based you your web page in pixels and set that size for the export from Motion. Choose a codec such as H.264 and play with the compression settings until you get the file small without loosing too much quality. If you want it to start playing as quick as possible, select the prepare for internet streaming flag. You may have to use Compressor to get more options.
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