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Thread: .avi to iDVD (mpeg streamclip)

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    .avi to iDVD (mpeg streamclip)

    I have a series of avi files that I would like to make into a DVD through iDVD, but I know that iDVD is funny about what format it does and doesn't allow.

    I have mpeg streamclip but I'm not really sure what settings to use. I don't want to lose quality, that said, I don't plan on doing any editing, do I don't need (ie) DV quality.

    I'm assuming that I'll have to export as some form of mpeg or quicktime movie, but I get confused on all the options.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    When you say "a series of AVI files" how long (in running time) are these files? A standard DVD can hold no more than two hours' worth.

    Or did you mean you want to take a single AVI file, make a DVD of it, take another AVI file and make a DVD of it (etc)?

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    avi files are about 45 minutes at 250-300 megs each.

    I've googled lots of converters, and have tried them but they're all so difficult to use if you don't know what you're doing. i'm open for suggestions but I need my hand held.

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    If you find MPEG Streamclip difficult, I second the vote for Toast. It doesn't get any simpler than that: drop in three of your AVI files, wait a while, then you have a burned DVD with a basic menu (if you wish) that plays on your TV. Done.

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