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Thread: Transition problem

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    Transition problem

    I am editing a few video clips i have together for a video.
    I am adding a ripple transition between 2 different clips, however the first clip loses 1second from the end & imovie is not allowing me to make the transition longer than 1second.
    Do you have any advice on what i need to do to avoid this problem please?

    Thanks in advance!

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    happened to me the only way i think you can deal with it is either take the effect out or pull the original video and make the clip your pulling slightly longer

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    First, what version of iMovie are you using. I'll have to assume iMovie 09 which is the current version.

    Transitions require frames (time) from both clips involved. Also, the clips have to be long enough to supply the frames. If one of the clips is shorter than the desired transition time, then you are limited to the length of that clip. Maybe a little less in iMovie.

    If the clip you created in the project pane was taken from a longer clip in you event pane and not at the end of that clip, then you can add some time to the end of the clip in the project. It's cumbersome to explain, so review the tutorials via the help menu. The same idea applies to the second clip being transitioned to.
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