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    Exporting kids sports DVD to Create highlights??
    Was wondering if anyone had a quick way or steps/tools to take a DVD that was produced or made of a youth sport that I could later take & make a highlight real of season down the road by taking best clips of each???

    Just not sure how to export from DVD to Mac?? Or what to use??

    Have the Mac, have Final Cut Pro, iDVD, iMovie...but fuzzy on going backwards to do this??

    I have taken raw video from camera & thrown into iMovie, cut up & then into iDVD.

    Or point me in right direction if can??


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    So basically you need to take the footage off the DVD, convert it back into a format iMovie (et al) can handle, then edit and make a new DVD.

    Handbrake is probably the first step in this process; it will read the DVD and convert the video into MP4 format. iMovie can read MP4 format and from there you already know what to do.

    If you want to avoid any quality loss (not that this is a huge deal in most cases), you might need a tool like DVDxDV (a rather dodgy product but it does the job) or MPEG Streamclip so you can convert to lossless DV format.

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