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Thread: Good camcorder?

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    Good camcorder?
    In lectures, I want to be able to record the entire lecture video too my Macbook Pro.
    Obviously the iSight camera wont be suitable for this since it's a front-facing camera.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a good camcorder that I can mount directly to the computer to record video directly too?

    What I am trying to say also is can I have what the camcorder is recording show directly on my screen live.

    Thanks ^_^

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Pretty much any model will do. Just open up iMovie or some such to see it capturing in real time.

    Too many factors not mentioned by you to give a recommendation. HD? SD? Firewire-based? SD card-based? Lighting conditions? Sound conditions? Budget? Etc etc.

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