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    Unable to Capture VIdeo from Sony HC40e

    I have a Sony HC40e. I am unable to capture any video or even get my Imac running Mac 10.6.4.

    I have tried the usb cable that came with the Sony and just connected it with a 4 to 6 pin firewire cable.

    Ive tried Imovie and Vedeocapture. Neither recognise the camera in play mode.

    I would really appreciate anyone who could give me some help.


    Mike - Spartan

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    You have a firewire connection on your camera and suitable socket on your iMac. Make sure that you have selected the right option (on the centre left, at the bottom of the iMovie screen) {This is from memory - I'm on an PC (sorry) at the moment}

    Cheers M

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