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    real live tv does not work??
    I am trying to get "real live" to work on my imac. I have a new I mac 27". When I click on one of the channels, it just gives me a black screen. Anyone else had this problem? Am I missing a plug in? I have quick time installed.

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    All I can say is:

    1) They claim to have tech support, I'd suggest contacting them as they state on their page it works for Mac

    2) Most of these satellite TV -> pc things are scams - I'm not saying that real-live-tv is, but you know the saying... usually something that sounds to good to be true... (ie: 3500 channels for $49.95 one time fee)
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    I'd certainly recommend proceeding with caution on any site that wants your money and doesn't even work properly. To put it mildly, I've never heard of Satellite Direct being a Mac-friendly company.

    But if you wish to press on, you probably need to install Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian to get it to work properly.

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