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    I'm trying to export raw imovie 09 clips into FCE but an error pops up saying, 'XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error.' I think it's a simple formatting problem but I'm still new to macs and even newer to video editing in FCE. So help would be much appreciated!

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    "raw iMovie clips" - in terms of clips that you imported into iMovie, or edited subclips?

    If it's raw clips you want, they are (AFAIK) stored one of iMovies folders - so if you open finder, click on your home folder, open movies you will *probably* see a folder called iMovie Projects and one called iMovie Events - I think it stores the raw video in the Events folder - look in there first and then you should be able to pull that footage into FCE.

    I am saying "I think" and "probably" because the Mac I'm on ATM only has iMovie '08 and I usually use FCS instead of iMovie.
    My Macs: Late 2013 rMBP w/ 750m, 16Gig ram; 2013 Mac Pro 6 core w/ D700, 16Gig Ram; Mac mini G4, 1.25 GHz, 512m ram (server); Late 2011 11" MBA, 1.8GHz i7, 4Gig Ram, 256Gig SSD, HD3000; Powerbook 12" G4 1.33GHz running Linux; Apple TV (1080p version)

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    Awesome! thanks a lot man, it worked perfectly. Thanks again

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