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    Convert VHS to DVD - Formac Studio Box

    I have a Formac Studio Box that I want to use to convert some old VHS tapes to DVD. I know that I can import into iMovie but it seems a bit of a hassle exporting out to iDVD etc. Is there any other software that anyone knows about that will capture and export for recording and/or burning direct.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you don't need the fancy menus of iDVD, use Roxio's Toast instead. Or heck, just Burn (free) or VisualHub (free).

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    Aug 09, 2010
    Hi Chas, thanks for the suggestions. What I was looking for was software that would take the digital information, encode it and burn to disk, rather than laboriously importing in to iMovie, exporting and burning. Btw Visualhub is not available at the moment.

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    VH has been discontinued but continues to be available if you look hard enough. There's also some pretenders to that throne like VideoMonkey, Evom, etc.

    A lot of people like Toast for this, because you just toss the video file in there and at some point later you have a DVD (which can even have a basic menu if you like, or not) that's playable on a TV.

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