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Thread: Movie playback from itunes to blu ray player?

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    Movie playback from itunes to blu ray player?
    So I buy movies and television series on iTunes and would like to play them back on my Sony Blu Ray player (i.e. on a different television). The Blu Ray player can play both DVDs and Blu Ray discs and has a USB slot. If I want to watch movies on my iTunes (stored in my Macbook) through the Blu Ray player on my family television, could I just save some of the episodes to a thumb drive, or put them on a DVD R and pop either one in? I couldn't do this with a PC (I tried a couple of years ago on a regular DVD player) but I am wondering if I can do it with a mac?

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    Nope, can't do it.

    TV shows and movies purchased on iTunes include DRM that prevent you from doing that (unless something has changed recently).

    What you can do tho is - get an adapter cable to hook your Macbook up to your TV, get an Apple remote (or if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch get the remote app) and play the program through Front Row which will play your DRM video.

    Depending on the Macbook you have and the TV hookups you have will determine how you can connect to the television.

    If you have a TV with HDMI (I assume you do otherwise the bluray is worthless)

    if you have a brand new 2010 13" MBP, there is a new mini-display port -> hdmi that includes audio that you can connect.

    If you have a Macbook that has a mini display port, there is a part (can't remember the name of the company all of a sudden) that you can hook the video to the mini display port, an optical cable for the audio to your headset jack and hook in a usb adapter for power then connect an HDMI cable between your TV and your laptop.

    and there are a variety of other options available to you.
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    Two words:

    Apple TV.

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    And the answer as to whether you can watch "any" video at all via that USB port is going to be found by opening up the owner's manual and reading up on the capabilities of the USB port on that particular player.

    Many of them will do pictures only, some will play music mp3 files only...
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