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    iMovie HD import problem
    Hi, I want to import a HD 1080i .M4V file into iMovie but when I click on "File>Import iMovie HD Project..." and go to access the file it does not allow me to select it.

    I am using iMovie version 7.1.4 (585)
    The HD video is from a Sanyo Xacti HD camera. The .MP4 version of the file is also inaccessible to import.

    What gives?

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    iMovie HD is very old, and only supports MP4 simple profile. HD video is not "simple profile" and thus is not supported.

    Solution: convert the file to DV or HDV format, or use a more recent version of iMovie or some other video-editing tool. MPEG Streamclip is a free tool (not the only one however) that can convert the files for you.

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