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    I need a DVD ripping program for Mac
    I am in need of extracting specific video clips from privately owned and created DVD's. There is no risk of copyright infringement because I am not trying to rip protected DVDs.

    I need to extract these video clips in a format that will be compatible with YouTube and ones that I can edit.

    Any advice?

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    If they're not protected, pop the disc in and copy the VOB files out. That's all there is to it. No need for ripping software of any kind.

    If you need to convert the VOB files, try Handbrake.
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    There's also DVDxDV that does the job. It costs money but does it all in one step (losslessly, I might add, which could be very important) and leaves you with footage ready to edit in iMovie.

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    Mac The Ripper also works well

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    I use a combination of Handbrake and Mac the Ripper. Simple programs that do the job. Plus both are free.

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