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    Need help with video compression
    Hi, I transferred some old miniDV into my computer in avi format using Adobe Premiere. Now I am having problems compressing them into smaller, H264 videos I can use and store instead of this 100GB chunk of weight.

    I don't know much about encoding. I have tried Adobe encoder and handbrake. The former "compress" into something even bigger and the latter simply crashes before the any file finishes. Any idea what I can use to make them smaller? As far as I can tell, with these huge files I can't even burn them into DVDs.

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    Re-compressing compressed files is just going to lower the quality.

    I would recommend you start over, this time encoding the miniDV files directly into the target format you want to end up with.

    If you're going to want to edit these files, I'd suggest saving them in the (huge) DV file format. This will take up HUGE amounts of space but is practically lossless. Then edit the DV file(s) the way you like (in let's say iMovie or something else) and THEN save the finished movie as MP4 or what have you.

    iMovie itself can do the importing job for you, even if you don't even up using it to edit the footage (you can just save direct to whatever file types it supports, which include DV and MP4). Just one possibility of many.

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