Hi, new here..sorry if I'm inadvertently starting an already-made topic.

In iMovie:

I drag a clip to the project area, then mute it.

I command+shift and drag a clip in front of it, giving it voiceover.

I command+shift and drag another clip to add another voiceover. It works, however, both voiceovers are at the same volume. I want the first voiceover to be louder than the second. I am unable to adjust any of the voiceover volumes. The only volume I can adjust is the muted clip, and "ducking" only heightens or lowers BOTH voiceover volumes, and will not let me adjust just one. I've tried adjusting the volume of the original clips before command+shift and dragging the voiceovers, but that does absolutely nothing.

Does anybody know how to adjust the volume of individual voiceovers?