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    Converting .MOV to .SWF For My Website's Intro

    I've been working on my own website, and I finally finished the "intro" video. I (sadly) use "Website tonight) to edit my website, and it says that "if I wish to upload a Flash introduction video, it must be in .SWF format".

    My problem is, that my video is in .MOV format. Does anyone know how I can convert my .MOV video to .SWF ? And moreover, is there any converter for this, for free? (i.e Freeware)

    Thanks In Advance.

    (I have been searching the internet, but was unable to find anything close to a solution. Your help would be greatly appreciated.)

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    It looks like Evom is a free solution that will do this for you. I converted a 22 minute MOV file into FLV is about 3 minutes.

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    There is one problem, I need to convert my .MOV file to .SWF not .FLV

    (I do however like the application! It's just not right for this specific task)

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    You'll need to purchase Adobe Flash if you want to author a flash file.
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