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Thread: Question regarding WHY mp4's won't work on my...

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    Question regarding WHY mp4's won't work on my...
    I use handbrake to convert the movie into an MP4 and when I swing it over to my Micro SD card and check the video through my phone, It doesn't work. I have sound but no video. I have tried formatted the SD card and am at a loss here. Any help?
    I have a 2.4 GHz macbook running snow leopard with the newest version of Itunes.

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    My BEST guess is the mp4 does not contain video in the correct codec that your phone will play.

    Handbrake defaults to H.264. Look up your phones video capabilities, and in the video section of handbrake you may just want to try adjusting the codec to another setting (ie: Mpeg-4 (ffmpeg).
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