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    Taking films from my mac to my television
    I want to change AVI files to a format that I can burn to a dvd disc and watch on my TV. Please.

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    Try Burn

    Burn - Home

    Can you play those AVI files through Quicktime? If not they will need to be playable first

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    Also, you might consider some other options. Burning discs can be not only time consuming, but costly after a while, and not only that but, you'll be clogging up more space with discs all over the place. That's so mid 90's !

    What kind of TV do you own ? Most modern flat screen sets and even modern DVD players have an USB input which can be used for playback of AVI and some Mp4 files. I have an external HD hooked up directly to my LG TV and it plays MP4 and AVI files in great quality.

    Another option is to simply hook your computer up to the tv and play the files through it. I have done this before, but have used it to play seasons of LOST on Netflix and Hulu.


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    There are three solutions to this problem that I recommend. Take your pick whichever one works for you.

    1. Use a program like VisualHub to convert AVI files to DVD format, then burn a DVD. Works fine for SD videos, just very time-consuming.

    2. Buy a DVD player that can play DivX/XviD files burned straight onto an ISO disc. No conversion time, no fancy menus but works great, and up to 12 hours on a single DVD. Again, terrific for SD videos.

    3. Buy an Apple TV. You have to convert your videos to MP4, but apart from that they just stream wirelessly over to your TV. Works with HD video as well as SD (up to 1080i). Apple TV is the most expensive of the options ($200ish) but does a lot of other awesome things as well. Everyone I know who owns one (and that's a fair number of people once they see mine in action) absolutely loves theirs. Can even be "hacked" to play AVIs et al without conversion if needed. If your time is worth anything, $200ish is really not a lot to pay for a really enjoyable and hassle-free setup.

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