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    Final Cut Express Question
    I started working in Final Cut Express 4 and I have an image(of a yacht) that when I view it in the canvas window and I have the "show title safe" checked - the yacht bearly fits within the outside lines. So does this mean that it will not display correctly or is the "show title safe" only for texts. If it not going to show correctly can I reduce the image and if that can be done how do I do that


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    Title safe is a guaranteed area that has a margin buffer between the text safe area and the edge of the screen. You probably should be good with Action Safe area as that should go to ~ the edges of the screen.

    Now if you're exporting for viewing on the web where there may be no overscan, then you will want edge to edge.

    If your output is for TV, and there is actual detail within the picture at the edges you want the viewer to see then either in the margin area between text safe and action safe or at text safe.

    Here's a little write up of action safe and title safe:

    Safe area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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