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    Mac Screencast/Screen Capture

    I am planning to make my own video game reviews, in order to do so I need to implement footage of the game being played on my mac. A screencast so to speak.

    I just wanted to know what is the best Screencast/Screen Capture software out there for the Mac? So far it seems like Snapz Pro X is the best but I want to make sure there isn't a cheaper or free version as good before I dish out 50 quid.

    I have tried things like Jing but the video comes out too laggy, I need a smooth, good quality screen capture.

    Any knowledge in the matter is highly appreciated

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    Check out screenflow:Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream

    Keep in mind that recording and gaming on your mac will put a lot of load on it, so even with the best capture software you might not get completely glitch-free recording. What kind of mac do you have?
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    Don't know if it would suite your needs but Quicktime X has the ability to do screen recordings.
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    Quicktime X does do screen captures (for free of course), but its full-screen ONLY.

    I second the suggestion of ScreenFlow. IShowU HD is good too, but Screenflow is the best IMHO.

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    Ah ok thanks, I downloaded Screenflow and tried it out and yeah its cool, there are no glitches or stutters in the video.

    I guess i'll have to save up to buy it now!

    Oh btw I have a Imac 24" one of the newer models.

    Thanks for your comments

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