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    Question iMovie 09/iDVD burning issues! Help!
    I have a project I created in iMovie 09, and I exported the project and tried to burn it on a dvd in iDVD. It would go through most of the process, but in the final stages of burning it would spit the DVD out of the laptop and not work. Yet on the screen it would still act as if the dvd was still in the laptop and say it was still in the process of finalizing the burn.

    I later find out that iDVD apparently "doesnt like" .m4v files, from what I researched on the internet. So instead on my menu I chose to "Share" the project directly to iDVD. Figuring it would actually work when I tried to burn it this time and it may be in a different file format. This didn't work, the same thing happened, everything seemed fine until the last part of the burn where it was spit out again.

    How should I go burning this project? I have lost my patience attempting 3 different times.. if I burn it to a Quicktime .mov will it play in a dvd player?

    Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated!!

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    See my response on this thread. If you still have the burning problem, then look for actual error messages, perhaps by using the Maybe your drives needs replacing.

    Do not waste a disc to a QuickTime movie. DVD players can't play that. Keep in mind that not all DVD players can play homemade discs. At least earlier ones.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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    i have met the same problem, have you fixed it yet?

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