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Thread: iMovie or Final Cut - Green Screen Help

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    iMovie or Final Cut - Green Screen Help
    My goal is the create the clearest possible videos using a greenscreen. I am not having problems with shadows on the greenscreen, rather my problem occurs in the editing phase.

    I imported the footage into iMovie, created a project, inserted a white background, and placed the greenscreen footage on top. iMovie successfully replaced the green background with white but it also created this blur or halo around myself. Again this is not shadow on the greenscreen created when shooting, but halo created during editing.

    After asking colleagues for help they told me that Sony Vegas could provide more detailed filtering for greenscreens. I tried Vegas and while it does help prevent the blurring around my clothes, there is still heavy blur around my exposed skin - head, face, hands.

    I did not know if Final Cut could provide a better solution without taking too much time to learn. iMovie is very simple to use but I am not confident it will provide the quality I am looking for.

    I am using a Canon HV20 camera on HD-24 setting in Cine mode. I have three 1000 watts softbox lights and one 1000 watt Home Depot shop light.

    Any suggestion will help! Thanks

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    What version of Final Cut are you using? It has a green screen filter. Or you can key it out

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    I'm using Final Cut Pro 5, its that filter and key better than Vegas?

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