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    Capturing HD from HDR-HC1E using Adobe Premier Pro CS4
    G'day guys,

    I am not having much luck capturing HD from my HDR-HC1E using Adobe Premier Pro CS4 (huge understatement). So I contacted Adobe for some Tech 'Support'... and ended up talking to people who not only could I not understand their version of 'English', but they were almost as incapable of understanding me; hey we've all been there!

    After several attempts I finally after a month received this 3 rd answer:-

    "Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support. In reference with the issue of Premiere Pro.

    We did some research and found out that the issue that you face with capture is a known issue and is common on a mac computer.

    If you have a windows computer then please try to capture on windows and use a third party softwae (their spelling not mine) that is HDV Split."

    Now I'll point out a couple of things, firstly I bought a Adobe Master-suite CS4 for my Mac OS X... so I somehow doubt it will run on a PC even if I had one. Not only that, did Adobe not test the Mac version with the Sony HD cameras that were available at that time?

    I bought my MacBook Pro (Unibody 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 8 gigs RAM and a 320 gig 7,200 drive) believing that Adobe and Mac had a long relationship and worked well with each other; I'd after 12 years of PC thought Mac would do it better.

    The Sony HDR-HC1E camera I own predated the Adobe Master-suite CS4 I bought... so I reasonably figured there would be no problems there.

    So who's fault is it, Sony, Apple or Adobe; I believe it's Adobe's, and more importantly, can anybody out there please help... is there a driver or something that will fix this problem?


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    I don't use CS4 myself, but have you tried using iMovie to see if it would capture the footage from your camera?
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