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Thread: copy a video fragment from some video

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    copy a video fragment from some video
    Hello there,
    sorry for my english.
    Last night i have record i video with my webcam. There are two guys sitting on a couch. Now i want to cut one guy out from the video. How can I copy a fragment from the video (where nobody is sitting on the couch) an paste it in the rest of the video? So only the right guy is visible.

    Thanks for your answers.


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    Hmm, well the easiest would probably be to use a tool like Motion or Adobe After Effects where you can mask off a portion of the video and lay it on top of the other video.

    The next solution would be to use something like a giant green screen. Hang it over the section you *don't* want blocked off, record the video, then use the green screen video control of your editing software.
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