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    VHS to computer converter, anyone have any recs?
    Has anyone ever used this software? It's called Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. I can't seem to find many reviews.

    Anyone have any other recs? I had a vhs to dvd converter that lasted for years and now it's dead, and I still have loads of home videos preserve. It would be great to get a converter that can go straight to the computer for the second time that way I could skip a step and go straight from vhs to computer and skip the dvd making
    However, if the software is not good, then why bother?

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    I got something similar to this a while ago. AV USB VHS TV to DVD Capture Card S-Video Grabber - eBay (item 330437228024 end time May-27-10 01:04:53 PDT)
    It didn't exactly do quite what I wanted it to do and its really cheap but something similar to that might work. also the software is for pc not mac so keep that in mind.

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    I'm evaluating the same thing to try to get rid of a bunch of home movie videotapes, and dump some TV from Tivo. Based on what I read over the last several weeks, the EyeTV 250 gets very good reviews. Several of the other solutions are (to me anyway) quite expensive for what I hope will be a one-time project (for $300 or up I can take my tapes to someone else to convert to DVD).

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    VHS to DVD converter
    Don't know if you've already purchased anything or not but...

    I used the Capture for Mac Pinnacle for a bit and it was ok but I wanted to edit in FCE4/FCP. The Pinnacle captured for iTunes video in .mp4 and to edit this video in FCP I had to convert with MPEG Streamclip or suffer the never ending render cycle. This is a fine converter if you only want to import and drop in iDVD to make a movie but if you want to edit in anything above iMovie you may want to consider the Canopus devices. I am using the 110 which allows me to import analog/digital via firewire to my mac in DV. This is a native language and is very easy to work with in conversion or rendering! This saved me loads of time doing my conversions. I bought my converter used on eBay for about 150$ US.

    I am not an authority on this subject...but after converting about 65 videos through the Pinnacle and now 150 on the Canopus I am a believer! Hope this helps.

    Moreover, the Canopus allows me to import using firewire, S-Video and AV cables. So, I hook my Satellite up to the Mac and record tv straight to my computer and then drop them on DVD's. The captured video can easily be dropped straight into an iDVD editor required if you so choose.

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