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    FCP 7: Multiclip is not responding properly when angle is switched
    I'm recording a skype video conference call with ecamm's "Call Recorder" software: Call Recorder for Skype - The Skype Audio/Video Call Recording Solution for Mac - Ecamm Network

    The software records video and audio. The software allows you export the video tracks separately. So if there are two callers, you can export two separate video tracks, one for each caller. The video tracks are H.264 at 10fps.

    I've placed the two video clips into a multiclip track on the timeline.

    I know how to do multiclip editing. I've done it successfully with other videos. But when I play back these Skype vide multiclip tracks on the timeline and then try to switch to a new angle in the viewer, the blue border never changes to the angle I just clicked. Also, the canvas video is stuck as well.

    The multiclip feature itself works. But it's impossible to know which angle is active at any point in time without making a mental note of which angle was clicked last. This can get pretty confusing.

    So what is it about these clips that could be breaking the multiclip feature? Is there some processing I can do to them to make FCP play nice with them?

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    OK, rendering each file, exporting it, and then reimporting worked.

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