Hi Eeveryone,
I have recently entered the world of videos and editing. I'm doing research on everything from the best Mac to whether I should learn FCP or adobe Pr. I'm now trying to find out what camcorder would be most suitable for me.
I'll be using to create a series of product reviews as well as 'how to dress' in a stylish way guides using mannequins.
The videos will be uploaded on to the internet, however in the future we might want to offer the video collection on DVD that why the HD.
I need a camcorder with as many manual settings as possible from my little understanding of green screen and with an option for an external mic to interview people with good quality sound and something that has a video format acceptable by both macs and PCs if possible. My budget is about 800 which I could stretch if necessary as I believe you get what you pay for.
Any or all help related to camcorders and different and most common type of video formats and (FCP vs Adobe premiere advice) would be appreciated.