I have a macbook (OS X 10.4.11) with iMovie HD 6. I got lumbered with filming the school nativity play and have to edit it - for the official copy for the whole school, so no pressure there - (and yes, I know it's May already, but I didn't volunteer and was extremely busy with all sorts of other things...) I overcame various problems (not having used iMovie for some time) and ended up working on an external hard drive, as the raw material took up more than 60 Gb.
When I finally finished editing I tried to burn it using iDVD. I tried to import the project, starting from iDVD, rather than staying in iMovies and trying to publish it (I have two "projects" for the two performances, that I need to get onto one DVD) and, it being on an EHD, couldn't find my projects in iMovies folder. I managed to create a pathway to the EHD though and then found, that I would have to upload the whole thing (still 40 Gb) onto my harddrive. As I have only 20 Gb left I abandoned this attempt and then wanted to try to publish the projects, which would also reduce them in size quite considerably, but DISASTER STRUCK.
When I went back into my films the screen was completely black. The play head moves along the timeline, which still has mini pictures and audiowaves, but nothing else happens. The material in "clips" that I haven't used for the final cut play beautifully.
Can anybody help me get my films back?