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    How to add picture over video to create a lower third look
    Here's one I've not been able to deduce. After creating a small JPEG label, I want to place it on the lower portion of the video as a title, but one that has been custom made. In this case the logo needs to cover the lower right of the screen. Therefore, I need to bring this photo over into IPhoto, import it into the video, and be able to manipulate it to sit exactly where I want it to go. Picture in Picture doesn't work because that deals with two video elements. Crop doesn't work partially for the same reason but also because the crop box won't go that small or that wide.
    This lower third logo needs to be able to stay over the entire length of the video (as in this case) or be able to fade in and fade out at certain times.
    Not sure if IMovie has this capability, and would sure appreciate the tips. Thanks.

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    Do you have access to Final Cut or are you restricted to iMovie ?

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    You got it answered over at macrumors. You should have posted back here to let this forum know.
    CameraTime - Time lapse photography for novice and advanced users.

    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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