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Thread: Help Building a new Mac Pro

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    Help Building a new Mac Pro
    Hi I'm new to the forum. For the past few years I have been getting into video production and graphic design. I am planning to start a digital animation program in the fall. I need a much more powerful system than my macbook pro that I have been working on and I would like to buy a mac pro.
    My issue is that I'm not very familiar with system requirements and I don't even know where to start to figure out what I need to ensure that I end up with a system that can run all the software I use and not stall or slow down. Can anyone help? Here is a list of the main software I have now or plan to buy soon:

    Adobe Masters Collection CS4
    Nuke (may be buying)

    Thanks so much

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    Any Mac Pro will do with your needs. Just buy whatever you can afford.

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    That's really good to hear. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Note that CS5 has just been released.

    If you don't need the Mac right now, then perhaps a small wait will gain you a more up to date system. It has been a long while since the current Mac Pros were released and the hopes/rumors are a new version is close to a release.
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