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    Help with Imovies exporting Please

    I need help please with a problem that has occurred on my MAC - Here goes....

    All was working fine until I had a power cut. Rebooted the MAC all worked ok well that's what I thought!

    I had a music lesson recorded on my camcorder and wanted to open it in imovies, create a project then export it to itunes so that I could sync it with my iphone. This all used to work ok before. The camcorder downloaded to the Mac HD and it can be seen in Imovies no problem. I can even make a project but when I hit the share button a thing comes up on the screen to say the project can not be published and error -50.

    Can anyone one help as this is seriously doing my head in!!

    Thanks in advance GUYS

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    Sounds like it could be a permissions error

    Boot up from your restore DVD, at the install screen select disk utility from the top menu and use that program to check the disk and run a permissions repair
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    Start up the in the Utilities folder and then try the iMovie Share option. Look for hint in the log of the of the Console.

    louishen has a good suggestion.

    Also, I found something called Simple Error the might shed some light on the matter also. It is a bit old and I didn't download it as I don't need more junk on my system.
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    Thanks Guys for your help..........But....
    Did what you said run disk repair in utilities and now I can work Imovies fully including creating a project and exporting to itunes.

    I am running an Imac about 1yr old on mac osx 10.5

    Now one last problem - since the power cut I never connected my iphone to itunes and last night I wanted to sync my iphone with itunes as I had managed to export the video clip from imovies. When I connect the iphone to the mac it makes a ding dong but does not appear in itunes. I went into iphotos and it connects and the iphone pictures can be seen.

    So what do I have to do to get the iphone recognised in itunes? I have done all the updates on the mac.


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