Running a G5 Mac Pro 2.8 quad with 8gb ram. Imported a 98 min mov file into iMovie 8.0.6. Added audio tracks and one photo, divided into 17 chapters. Shared with iDvd 7.0.4 but once imported/encoded in iDvd I get a message that my project is to big and to change the encoding setting. This I do in project/project info. Reduced it to professional quality which will fit happily onto a single sided disc. It tells me that I need to re encode but I cannot find anywhere in iDvd to action this. I try to burn and it warns me that there were warnings during project validation and I need to fix them before burning. Anyone know how? Tried burning anyway and it fails with a multiplexing error. I also tried creating a disc image which works and ironically the files are small enough to fit on a single sided DVD. Go figure.