are there any filmmakers on here (preferably located in southern california) that might be interested in collaborating on a 2-3 minute viral short film?

I have so many ideas ranging from the subversive & obscure (andy warhol inspired pop art shorts) to something more edgy, masculine & dark ...but currently no way of executing them.

I am an up & coming actor & i've been going out on big studio auditions but with those projects you are under the thumb of other people and have very limitedcreative freedom...don't get me wrong I LOVE doing mainstream stuff, but I feel like a good actor is multi dimensional; I want to start doing mini side projects where i could have morecreative control.

This could be really good for your reel as well as mine if we execute it right. Plus it could turn into a huge viral video & get us both a lot of exposure.

Anyone interested? Replies would be kindly appreciated