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    Video cam recommendation
    Can anyone recommend a digital video camera for about $250 that works with Mac OS x?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnceYouGoMac View Post
    Can anyone recommend a digital video camera for about $250 that works with Mac OS x?
    I see you are looking for the same answer as me! and as usual nobody replies, they never do to mine so don't worry about it jajaja. have you found one yet? I am looking for a HD cam that will import direct into Final cut pro in AVCHD format but although many cams have this format is doesn't mean to say it will work, very frustrating!. Good luck.

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    Ok...go with a Panasonic DMC - ZS3... It shoots HD in jpeg and AVCHD lite. It's compatible with the Intel Macs and works great in iMovie 09. It's not a camcoder but I dare say will outperform many... Also a quality still camera as well. Has been replaced by a newer model just weeks ago but is still widely available for 229 - 250.00. The camera was $400.00 a year ago...

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