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    HD Camcorder for a novice
    I know there are a few threads already about which HD camcorder to get but I have a few other questions too. I am trying to find a good HD camcorder that will be easy to use and easy to edit on the Mac. I am a bit of a novice to all the technical details so I am not sure what the best format to get is.

    Once I put the video onto the Mac do I need to do anything further to it to view it? I am buying a 2tb hard drive to store the videos.

    As I said, I am a complete novice so if anyone can offer some advice to a complete novice trying to buy a camcorder I would be very grateful. Or could someone point me in the direction of any good review websites.


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    What is your price range?
    around $200 you can get a flip, which isn't true HD but it's still good quality for a beginner.
    A friend of mine has the Canon vixia HF200 and it's very easy to use with a mac. It's also great quality HD video and the camera itself has many features. It's around $500 depending on where you buy it.
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    I would pay up to about $700. I will look at the Canon one you suggested. Do you think Canon are better than Panasonic?

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