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Thread: Flip4Mac Export Hijack

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Angry Flip4Mac Export Hijack
    I purchased QuickTime Pro years ago, and have been exporting to MP4 quite nicely, since. I've skipped several versions of Flip4Mac because it worked fine for what I needed it to do: VIEW WMV. Last night I accidentally agreed to update Flip4Mac. Now I cannot export to MP4 without getting their stupid watermark, even from an MOV!

    I see Telestream has done similar things before, I just wanted to put everyone on notice that they are at it again:

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Problem solved
    After trading several emails with Telestream support (and still waiting for a solution), I moved the <hard drive>/Library/Frameworks/TSLicence.framework folder to Trash, used Spotlight to locate any additional Flip4MAc files (none found), emptied Trash, and rebooted. For some unknown reason, TSLicence.framework was not updated last night, nor removed by the Uninstaller.pkg (located in <hard drive>/Applications/Flip4Mac) this morning. I was completely unaware of this folder's association with Flip4Mac, until the first response from Telestream support. After a reinstall of the latest version (downloaded fresh from the Microsoft web site), things seem to be working correctly. So if you encounter something ya go!

    * "Accidentally" defined (for clarification of previous post): I was quite tired last night when my MacBook Pro informed me that there was an update for Flip4Mac - my Windows reflexes kicked in (trained daily at work), and I blindly/foolishly clicked OK.

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