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    Hooking up macbook pro to Tv

    I need some help people!

    Im having some trouble getting sound to come out of my TV when I hook up my macbook pro. The video shows up fine just no sound.

    I tried using a 1/8 inch cable through the headphone jack to my TV and that didn't work.

    I got an optical connector which my TV is suppose to be able to accept.
    Still no sound though what am I missing.


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    Is the sound coming out of the speakers on the Mac or is it just silence? If it's just silence - are you sure the video clip you're playing has sound? If it does, are there any settings on the TV that might change what input audio is accepted on (for that matter, are you sure the audio cables are connected to the correct input on the tv with regard to the video input you're using?)

    If there is audio on the Mac instead of the TV, you need to go into your System Preferences->Sound and in the output, make sure you've got the right output selected for the connection medium you're using (ie: line out / digital out / etc.)
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    all i get is silence when i plug in either cable the optical or the 1/8 inch
    im going to look over my settings and preferences..

    thanks for the reply

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    Open up the Owner's Manual for the TV - look for the section on connections. You're looking for DVI connection. That will tell you if you can use HDMI, which HDMI port to use and which port to use for Audio.

    There may be one, but I have not seen a single HDTV set that allows for an optical port to function with the HDMI port. All of them I've seen use an analog port.

    If still no sound, then you need to look in the audio section (of the manual and/or in the menus) and see if you need to change the HDMI you're connecting to from Digital to Analog (typical for Panasonic).
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    thanks so much.. my TV is a panasonic and it was indeed the setting for the HDMI channel.. I just switched it to PC and it works now!

    the optical port on my TV is only output and I didn't notice that before

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