I backed up my entire harddrive on an external 500mb drive. The itunes library and iphoto library copied as a 'package'. I deleted some photos from the library in iphoto to make room on my laptop, but when I went back to the external drive to make sure the photos I had deleted were there, the 'package' sent me back to my current iphoto library (minus the deleted pictures). When I ctl click 'show package contents' I can see that the original photos have been backed up and are on the external drive. How can I access the files I deleted without going to the package contents? Is it possible? Is it better to save the files in a separate individual folder (as opposed to in the iphoto library file) if I want to remove them from my laptop hardrive? And (last question) is this the same for itunes? (I haven't checked yet).
Thanks, Megananne