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    Recording Videos Help Needed
    Ok I Wanna Do Some Guides On My Desktop with me commentary on them and then upload em to youtube


    Does anybody know a good program that records my onscreen monitor thats good quality?

    please let me know.

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    3 options that are the most commonly used here (I will note there are more, but these are the most common that are discussed):

    1) If you have Snow Leopard installed (10.6) - Quicktime X has a screen recording function you can use.

    2) Screenflow ( Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream ) is a very popular package here

    3) iShowU HD ( iShowU HD - for OSX 10.5 (Leopard) ) although it mentions Leopard on the page, it works just fine in SL.

    Any one of those will do the job. You may want to start with QuicktimeX since it's free and if you have SL, you've already got it. And if you don't like the output - and have the spare cash - download the trials of the others to see which works best for you.
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