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    Imac & Final cut Studio help
    Ok I will do my best to try and explain the problem.

    I have an IMac 24in MB418B/A
    Apple iMac MB418B/A / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz / 4GB / 640GB / 24" / SuperDrive / Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard / Desktop PC
    I have installed, Logic and Final Cut Studio.
    I have no issue’s with the final cut this works fine. However on the Final cut studio,

    I keep getting error’s when playing back video, after rendering. It cuts out and offers advise like speeding up drives and changing RT, Also say I have a 2 mins vid I am editing, after render I can random green frames, here there and everywhere. Which I can’t undo, I end up either starting again, or having to remove the frames.
    Has anyone had problems like this? Should I lose the 4gb ram and buy the 8gb kit?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Have I posted this in the right place.....

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    Well, not sure if it was originally posted in the right place or not I just saw it now in the video section.

    What are you using for your scratch drives? The internal drive on the iMac? what is your source footage (tape or tapeless AVCHD/other; HD or SD?)? What codec are you using for the footage (ie: ProRES 4:4:4? ProRES 4:2:2? AIC? DV? HDV? etc.)? What are you trying to do exactly that causes it to render?
    My Macs: Late 2013 rMBP w/ 750m, 16Gig ram; 2013 Mac Pro 6 core w/ D700, 16Gig Ram; Mac mini G4, 1.25 GHz, 512m ram (server); Late 2011 11" MBA, 1.8GHz i7, 4Gig Ram, 256Gig SSD, HD3000; Powerbook 12" G4 1.33GHz running Linux; Apple TV (1080p version)

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    thanks for the reply. I am using the mac drive as the scratch disk. The source files are on a WD firewire 800 drive I have tried also to copy them 1st to the mac drive.

    the file format I think is something like .h24 and its 720 hd recorded with eye tv on a Hauppage HD pvr

    some of the editing I have tried so far are like

    YouTube - Final Cut .mov

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    Try using a firewire external for a scratch drive.

    You might also want to look at doing what I call a "hard defrag" of your drive. This involves backing up the entire drive (using a clone program like CCC or SuperDuper), zeroing out the boot drive, then restoring.

    As a general rule of thumb, your boot drive is not the best scratch drive for large projects like video, Photoshop etc. Firewire (not USB2) externals are much better.

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    Hi mate thanks for the info, I will try that.... and let you know how I go......

    should I change anything on the unlimite rtt thing it says about, or you think this should sort it

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    ok I tried using the wd firewire 800 drive as the scratch disk.

    I took a small file of around 500 mg and imported it also from the firewire drive.

    I marked in and out a 10 second clip and dragged into the timeline.

    it came up to amend the project to the file type ie frame rate etc i believe....

    rendered it with no effects etc was done in seconds....

    played it from within the timeline and the same error, saying it has dropped some frames etc. speed up the drives or change the RT etc.

    as a manually scan through the frames within the 10 seconds after render there is around 3 pure green frames where the video is lost.

    anymore info needed to help solve this please advise.

    thanks again for your help

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