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Thread: iMovie is making my life hurt.

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    Unhappy iMovie is making my life hurt.
    I'm trying to capture a video on iMovie via my built-in iSight. It is coming out to be about 20 minutes long. When I start, it says I have 487 minutes worth of space on my computer. It will not generate thumbnails or acknowledge that I recorded anything except an empty file under "events" with my title. How can I remedy this situation? I'm not computer savvy, I just want to send a video to a friend!

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    Which version of iMovie are you using? In iMovie '09 the process seems to be working for me. I chose "Import from Camera" from the file menu. In the next window make sure that the iSight is selected in the bottom of the window.

    I think it defaults to saving the event files on your startup drive. How much space do you have left there?

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    Is your iSight camera being used by another program at the same time, such as PhotoBooth or iChat? If so, close those applications.

    It could be that 20 minutes is too long for either the iSight camera or iMovie to work with. Have you tried breaking up the video into smaller segments?

    If all else fails, you could try just recording the video in PhotoBooth, then importing the movie file into iMovie manually.

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    Are you following these steps to make the video in iMovie?
    Apple - iLife - Find out how to use iLife applications on the Mac.

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    I understand your frustrations, but sometimes you have to play around with it to learn

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