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Thread: Back up my DVDs

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    Back up my DVDs
    Ok, so I've decided to start on a new task, which will be backing up all of my DVDs to my iMacs HDD. Some of them are getting a few scratches in them, and I would like to have playable digital backups. I'm about a quarter of the way through them, when I started thinking I might be using a wrong format.

    Right now I have been encoding them as a .mp4 file for some Quicktime playback. However, I'm wondering if I should be using .mkv instead? Can anyone help me decided. I want pretty good audio/video quality and the files around around 2-3Gb right now as .mp4 files.

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    .mkv is just a container format, it's not a codec. Basically, you can have multiple video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks inside a single file. It's primary use is to include subtitles with the video.

    h.264 is probably your best bet for getting a good size/quality ratio. What program are you using?

    Oh and of course, this is all under the assumption that you're ripping non-commercial DVDs

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