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    Hello, I know that ripping a DVD that is copyrighted is illegal due to certain restrictions in the, but I was wondering about something different.

    I am recording home VHS's to DVDs for myself and friends (kids videos) and I was wondering, is it illegal to then rip the data off the disc and turn it into a file such as AVI or MP4? I didn't think so, but I just wanted to confirm.

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    Am no lawyer and have no idea what you mean by "home" VHSs.

    To the best of my limited understanding:

    Copying of DVDs in and of itself for personal use is not against the law. What is against the law that the movie studios managed to get through congress is breaking encryption set up to prevent your fair use.

    The copying of copyrighted material and then turning around and selling or even giving copies to others for free, would be against copyright laws.

    If these "home" VHSs are videos you and/or your friends have taken, you can make all the copies and do whatever you want with it. If you're talking about commercial copyrighted material, see above.
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    bob, he says the videos are of some kids. So in other words, home movies.

    Vork, yes it's ok to rip those DVDs to AVI or MP4. I suggest the program Handbrake

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    Thank you! I thought it was so, but I was not sure if using such programs at all was illegal, or if it was just using it to circumvent the dvd encryption that was illegal. Thank you for clearing this up, I thought it was so.

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