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    Home DVD ripping
    Hi all,

    I made some home dvd's a few years back and now they are in need of some fine tuning. Can anyone recommend some legit software that I could buy to make these dvd's editable again.

    I am a complete novice on these things so please go easy!

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    Since they are not licensed copy protected DVDs (which also makes it ok to discuss - discussing circumventing copy protection is not allowed here) you can use HandBrake to rip them to an MP4 then edit them in iMovie. Easiest way is to use one of the Apple presets within handbrake.
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    iMovie just can help u edit your DVD.
    Importing a DVD into iMovie is not a straightforward process. However, there is a way of doing it that doesnít require the use of third party software. A far as I know, this method only works with iMovie Ď08 and the DVD you want to transfer canít contain any copy protected material.

    Insert the DVD you want to transfer to iMovie.
    Launch Disk (found in the Utilities folder under Applications).
    Select the DVD and click the New Image icon located in the toolbar.
    Name your image and select a save location (I normally save to the desktop).
    Once you have your image, doubleclick to mount it.
    Launch iMovie. The program should automatically recognize the DVD image and begin processing the files.
    Have fun editing your video files!

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    Thats great thanks. Now I just need to roll the sleeves up and break out the red bull!

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