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    MTS files converter recommendations
    Before I realized better I copied my SONY AVCHD files onto my HD without the hierarchies. So, I know I need an MTS converter. I tried Handbrake (because it was mentioned in this forum), but all I got was sound, but no video (I used the default settings i.e. creating an mp4 files using the H.264 codec).
    (i) any ideas why the video portion wasn't converted?
    (ii) any recommendations on other converters? This is such a big problem for me and I have already spent hours trying to figure it out that I don't mind paying for commercial software. I was about to buy the MTS converter from Moyea software, but then I saw some comments elsewhere that there are a lot of spammers with buggy software and possibly malicious code (e.g. iSkySoft seemed to get a bad rap). So, can anyone recommend a legitimate converter?
    BTW, I want to edit the files in FCP
    Thank you.

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    MPEG Streamclip should be able to do the job.

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    Thank you for the suggestion, but I get an error message "File open error: unsupported file type" when I drag & drop an MTS file or "Open File". If click on "open anyway" I don't see the video footage. I actually had better success with the trial version of Moyea MTS Converter, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I would like know if these are legitimate programs as I have seen warnings to not purchase similar converters. Most of the products have different names yet the GUIs look very similar which makes me a bit suspicious. So, if I can't get MPEG Streamclip to work can you recommend any other, freeware or not. Thank you.

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    ffmpegx will handle these files, all be it slowly, but it's free.
    Short of that Aimersoft Total Media converter, and iSkysoft Video Converter will definitely work, but both cost (around $40 I think). As you said, they have a similar GUI, but both are legit.
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    I would not use Aimersoft or iSkysoft, if you search the forums here, they have a very low reputation, and are generally considered sham-ware (basically work enough to get you to buy them, but instead of having a product that works like other converters, they sell many different products that all do the same or similar thing - looking at aimersoft as an example, why are there that many converters for video? why is there a separate converter for mkv files? (there is no point, mkv containers are no more or less complicated then other containers), etc.) Plus, they advertise via spam posting to message boards, like this one - you'll se a bunch crop up which are quickly deleted by the mods.

    A valid, but slow product is Visualhub which should work on your mts files.

    In terms of why handbrake provided no video, honestly I'm not sure - I've converted mts files with it before and it work as it should. Of course, mts is just a container, and there could be something about the way Sony encoded the video that Handbrake just couldn't decode it.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. Greatly appreciated. I will try your suggestions.

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