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    iDVD burning problem....project hangs
    I have an issue Im unable to resolve....I created a project in iDVD using pics from iPhoto and music from iTunes. Added a title page.
    Whole project is apx 18 mins in length.

    When the project plays back on my Mac 10.4 tiger oper system it looks and plays fine. After I burn the project it hangs in almost the same spot EVERY time...on some players in actually just shuts down.

    I have attempted to re-burn the project several times, deleted and recreated the audio playlist, confirmed I have enough HD space and disc space..

    This is for a friends birthday party this Saturday....ANY assistence would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is my guess, what type of media are you using?
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    Save the project as a disc image.

    Now play the disc image on your computer. Does it play smoothly? Then burn from the disc image.

    If you're still having problems, it's the media (blank DVDs) you're using, not iDVD.

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    Rman and Chas ...The media Im using is Sony DVD-R 4.7 DVD.

    I have used these before with prior projects...although shorter in length.
    Is there a better media you would recommend?

    I will attempt to save the project as a disc image in the meantime.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Best media for iDVD
    As a follow up to an earlier posting I wanted to ask about the best recommended media to use for iDVD.

    Im having an issue with an iDVD project which plays back perfect on Mac but hangs on some players and actually shuts down during playback on others.
    I currently use Sony DVD-R 4.7 discs. Based on a couple of very good replies to my original post this may be the problem

    I have a Tiger OSX 10.4 using iDVD version 6.

    Any recommendations on a better media would be great. I have until Saturday to get this project working again.


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